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Tin Cans Are Used For Tea Packaging

There are many types of tea packaging, including bulk, canned, plastic and paper packaging, and so on. Tin cans have become a popular ideal packaging method. Tinplate is the raw material of tea cans, which has the advantages of high strength, good molding and strong product compatibility, making it a very important packaging container. Now tin cans, from shape design to appearance pattern printing, are very exquisite, well highlighting the level of high-grade tea and becoming the first choice of many well-known brands for tea packaging.

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In recent years, airtight tin cans have become increasing popular among tea merchants. The complete sealing allows tea leaves to last longer and retain their aroma. The body of the sealed tin cans is welded by the welding machine. The bottom of the sealed tin cans is well sealed. The top can be sealed with sealing film or aluminum foil. Therefore, sealed welding can achieve complete sealing. This is a new breakthrough for tea packaging.

There are four advantages when tea packaging goes to sealed welding tin cans

Firstly, easy to implement automation in mass production. Sealed welding tin cans can be used for tea packaging directly. This kind of tin cans is suitable for almost all kinds of tea. It can easily realize automatic filling and sealing. What’s more, it greatly cuts down labor costs because it is easy to achieve standardization in mass production.

Secondly, environment friendly. Direct tea tin packaging removes inner bag or small bag packaging, saving the material and process, also cutting down the packaging costs. So it is more environmentally friendly.

Thirdly, convenient to use. In the past, inner bags packaging bring people inconveniences to unpack. In addition, it is difficult to control the dosage. It must be consumed after unpacking each packet. When using sealed tin can, you can take the exact quantity of tea you need.

Fourthly, recyclable. Sealed welding tea can has good sealing. Tea tin also can be used to pack nuts, peanuts, snacks, etc., after the tea is used up. The recycling of the tea tins can be used as a brand publicity method.

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Post time: Jun-03-2019