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Tin Box Packaging Enters Cosmetics Markets

Packaging of Cosmetics

With the development of the society, people pay more attention to their own dressing and appearance, personal care products are getting more and more popular nowadays and sales are increasing year by year. Meanwhile, cosmetics is the most important part with its maximum product value and the most competitive market.

Chasing for beauty is human nature. Therefore, besides the functions, quality and brand of products, the packaging of the product is also very important. Consumers will be attracted by beautiful packaging and impressed by the product.

Additionally, cosmetics is used to beautify the person. If the packaging of the cosmetics product is ugly, then consumers will lose the confidence with the product. So, the packaging of cosmetics product is always demanding. Its design is the best and the quality requirements are strict.

The packaging of cosmetics is more common in paper boxes, glass, plastic boxes, etc. In recent years, tin box packaging began to rise. Both foreign well-known brands such as L'Oréal, Estée Lauder, L'Occitane, P&G (Procter & Gamble), and domestic famous brands such as Perfect Diary, Florasis, Herborist, and DaBao are using tin box packaging. The range of products cover lipstick, perfume, eye shadow, cream, powder box, and discharge makeup, etc.

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Tin Box Enter Cosmetics Market

Tin box is malleable. We can print exquisite patterns on the tinplate and also can highlight the design meaning of cosmetics by exciting embossing/ debossing technology.

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Nowadays, you can choose shiny tinplate for cosmetic tin box, because it can make tin box look brighter, more upmarket. Shiny tinplate has been widely used in cosmetic tin box packaging.Tin Box Packaging Enters Cosmetics Markets (1)

Under the influence of COVID-19, cosmetics consumption has been going down. However, with the rise of online celebrity and live streaming, national fashion style and China local brands of cosmetics have been more and more popular with young people. At the same time, the packaging design also emphasizes and highlights cultural genes of its own brand. Florasis is one of the representative brands. It’s remarkable that Florasis has cooperated with us to create an exquisite cosmetic tin box. It is based on the oriental embossing technology, and imitates the screen of traditional Chinese characteristics to make its unique design. In a word, through the exquisite printing, oriental embossing technology and screen design, the cosmetics tin box with unique classical screen elements is created.

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Tin Box—Environmentally Friendly Packaging

There are three reasons to choose tin box packaging other than other packaging. Firstly, tin box is relatively resistant to falling, therefore, it can protect cosmetics well. Secondly, the larger tin box can be used twice as a storage box after being used, and it has a long service life in the dry household environment. Thirdly, the recycling rate of tin box is very high, even if it is discarded, the tin box won’t bring an environmental pollution.

Now, the application scope of tin box packaging needs to be re-recognized and defined. It can be used not only for biscuits and tea, but also for more value-added and high-end industries, for example, cosmetics.

Post time: Mar-03-2023