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Capsule-shaped irregular tin box DD0864A-01 for health care products

Short Description:

  • Size: 137*74*40mm
  • Mold No.: DD0864A-01
  • Thickness: 0.23 mm
  • Structure: 2-pieces-can structure. Micro-embossing of words on the surface. The cover surface is curved.
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    The tin box is designed with a capsule shape, which can help customers to understand the product is for holding pills or capsules.

    2-pieces-can structure is simple and can help you reduce cost. The tin box is small and can be held by hand and put it in your handbag or briefcase. It is convenient to be carried with you everywhere.

    Capsule-shaped irregular tin box DD0864A-01 for health care products01 (1)

    As for the printing, we provide you with offset printing which is low-cost and high-efficiency. Offset printing ensures high accuracy and great effect of color with less possibility of fading than any other printing process. Both CMYK and pantone are available. It can be CMYK printing. It can be pantone color printing. It can also be combination of both CMYK and pantone color printing. We have employed master experts working for over 50 years in printing industry. They can exactly figure out and mix the right colors for you.

    We micro-emboss some words of advertisement on the tin box. Even a blind person can tell what it is. Suitable for more people.

    Matt finish makes the surface feel soft. Besides matt finish, we have glossing varnish, glossing & matt finish, wrinkle varnish, crackle finish, rubber finish, pearl ink finish, orange peel finish, etc. Any finish you prefer, we can make it for you.

    Light blue and white combination is tender. Great for health care products. The process lines are very smooth and the workmanship is exquisite. The Capsule shape is unique and beautiful. Beautiful packaging can add value and differentiation to a product and a brand. It can well enhance your brands and increase the turnover on the retail shelf.

    Tin packaging has great advantages on sustainability. They are more recyclable and environmentally friendly.

    Capsule-shaped irregular tin box DD0864A-01 for health care products01 (2)

    Conformity: Raw materials are MSDS certified and finished products can pass the certification of 94/62/EC, EN71-1, 2, 3, FDA, REACH, ROHS, LFGB.

    MOQ: We are flexible on MOQ to meet different customers’ requirements. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

    After-sale service: Quality is always the first. During the warranty time, as long as there is any defect that is proved to be our responsibility, our professional after-sale term will make quick and effective response to solve the issue. They will also take solid measures to stop the same defect from happening again in the future.

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