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Rectangular tin box ED1541A-01 with plastic tray for health care products

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  • Size: 107*71*18mm
  • Mold No.: ED1541A-01
  • Thickness: 0.23mm
  • Structure: Rectangular hinged box with plastic inner tray inside, arc shape lid, 2-piece structure and inner-rolled edge for both lid and base.
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    This small rectangular tin box is used for tablet, capsule or other medicine. It is tiny but portable, which is good for those on business trip. Equipped with plastic inner tray, it can make sure the good connection between lid and base and then realize the good sealing.

    This tin box consists of two parts, one part is tin, and the other one is the plastic tray. Customers can ask for different decorations both on the tin box and plastic tray. As you can see, the printing color on the tin box is white and purple, and the logo is embossed on the center. It looks like a fish swimming in the sea, which gives people a feeling of peace, health and safety. As for the plastic tray, customers can also make some adjustment on the color or embossing decoration.

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    As for the printing, we provide you with offset printing which is low-cost and high-efficiency. Offset printing ensures high accuracy and great effect of color with less possibility of fading than any other printing process. Both CMYK and pantone are available. It can be CMYK printing. It can be pantone color printing. It can also be combination of both CMYK and pantone color printing. We have employed master experts working for over 50 years in printing industry. They can exactly figure out and mix the right colors for you.

    Above the printing, there is a protection layer which we call varnish or finish. We have glossing varnish, matt varnish, glossing & matt finish, wrinkle varnish, crackle finish, rubber finish, pearl ink finish, orange peel finish, etc. Any finish you prefer, we can make it for you.

    In addition, we introduce laser coding machines including carbon dioxide coding machine and fiber optic coding machine, both of which allow us perfectly apply your QR code and bar code to surface of tin box. The two machines could avoid waste and extra cost through coding.

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